Scottish Pavilion, 11th Venice Bienniale of Architecture


Project by Gareth Hoskins Architects
Scottish Pavilion, 11th Venice Bienniale of Architecture (2008), Railway station, Venice
Commissioned and curated by The Lighthouse, Scotland’s National Center for Architecture and Design, and the Scottish Government.

Logistics and Exhibition Permits’ Management

The Gathering Space was a temporary construction designed by Gareth Hoskins Architects for Scotland’s first-ever stand-alone pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2008. Envisaged as a 7m high platform of cantilevered steps for visitors to spend time on and contemplate the landscape, it also contained an exhibition and performance space to host public talks held by architects, including Zaha Hadid and many others.

The structure was constructed entirely from locally sourced Scottish larch and was built outside the Santa Lucia train station, overlooking Venice’s Grand Canal.

M+B Studio provided support with logistics and building support, entailing water transportation for moving and storing big amounts of Scottish larch – the material composing most of the installation – and all issues related to the authorization procedures to build in a public area.

M+B Studio mediated on behalf of the client with the local authorities, the Municipality of Venice and the Venice Biennale office.



Hoskins Architects
M+B Studio