2017 - ongoing


Church of San Lorenzo, Venice
Ocean Space Castello 5069

Restoration Project & Maintenance
as General Contractor

After two years of conservation and renewal, and a long period of being closed to the public in most part, the Church of San Lorenzo in Venice reopened in 2019 and is now hosting OCEAN SPACE, an innovative center committed to bringing together ocean literacy, research, and advocacy through the arts.

The restoration of the Church of San Lorenzo was commissioned by Francesca Thyssen Bornemisza and TBA21-Academy, with the objective of bringing new life to the space for cultural and exhibition purposes. 

It was an important occasion to return the historical venetian building itself to the local community.

The main challenge was being part of a transformation project and readapting a non-exhibition building to a multifunctional space while attempting to maintain the original asset and layout of the existent deconsecrated church.

Major works included:

  • Preliminary studies, analysis of the building’s history and structural stratification
  • Maintaining a close and ongoing relationship with the Heritage Office and local authorities
  • General stabilization and consolidation of the building
  • Restoration of all facades and roof
  • The vaulted ceilings have been replaced
  • Restoring the floor, while protecting previous archaeological excavations which have been covered
  • Restoration of all interior surfaces and fixtures, all doors and windows

The team working on the project was composed of multiple professionals with restoration competence, engineers, architects and other relevant experts.


Restoration consultant:  arch. Gionata Rizzi

Restoration and security: ing. Franco Pianon, Pianon Associati

Main contractor: Lares Restauri

Installations: FIEL spa

General contractor: M+B Studio srl

Project Management: DH Office

Commissioned by Francesca Thyssen Bornemisza and TBA21-academy.



Cameraphoto Arte, Venice